5 things restaurant consultant Tobie Nidetz can’t live without:

Burger: On the low end, my favorites are Five Guys, My Burger, and the classic Matt’s Jucy Lucy. For a more upscale meat patty, there are several I’ve had a hand in creating that are delicious: Ike’s and Seventh Street Social are two of my recipes. I co-created the one at BLVD as well, so I might be a little biased.


Home-cooked Meal: Risotto, which can be totally daunting—but so can boxing! Once you do it, it’s not so scary anymore. Patience and total attention to all of your senses is key. It can be a very Zen-like experience. My go-to is mushroom and Gorgonzola.

Comfort Food: When I’m cold and craving comfort, anything with gravy does that trick. At Seventh Street Social, the salt-and-pepper fries can be ordered topped with cheese curds and served with a side of pot-roast gravy.

Off-the-Clock Eatery: Everyone has their little rabbit run, their ruts, the places they find themselves going back to time and again. The Monte Carlo is mine. It’s a very comfortable place to be. The food is simple. It’s a classic. I always order either the wings or their chopped liver.

Inspiration: Being able to do what I do: write the menus, the recipes, and move into the next thing. Right now, that’s working on Prairie Dogs, a concept that’s popping up around the metro area. Then…it will be the next thing. f