Essentials: Jamie Malone

Carry On

When I went to the Food & Wine Best New Chef party in New York City, I was so glad I packed all my spoons. Having all my kitchen tools, I was more comfortable putting together thousands of plates of food.

Raw Bar Fix

Oysters, plain. Right now we have a brand of Wellfleet grown by a guy they call Chopper, so we call them Choppers. They’re incredibly meaty and briny and a little bigger in size. I love to chew on the adductor muscle. It’s the best! Most people don’t know it’s edible, but the adductor is tender and meaty—I save it for last.

Fish Knife

A carbon, stainless-steel Masahiro knife. I actually had it before I started working at Sea Change. I think Steven Brown [of Tilia] had one when I was working for him at Porter & Frye. First I got the chef’s knife, and the fish knife came later. 

On-the-Line Cosmetic

Mascara. It’s so boring, but . My pastry chef and I are obsessed with mascara, and we both use the same brand. It’s that cheap stuff in the gray tube.

Busy Dinner Service Fuel

I like to eat healthful food. It’s all about taking care of myself. Lately, at the kitchen we’ve been juicing a lot. We take all the leftover veg scraps and then blend it with the whey from the yogurt we make. That is our base. It’s a tonic.

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