Exclusive Discount: Your Pass to the Fine Spirits Classic

Fine Spirits is Thursday, July 26—and our food critic saves you 25 percent

I’m back after traveling to Louisville for an intense exploration of bourbon distilleries. My wife and I visited nine different spots, and let me tell you, Woodford Reserve is not only a beautiful bourbon, it’s in a beautiful part of the country, where rolling grassy hills and horse farms with stories of Kentucky Derby champions are everywhere.

Woodford Reserve Photos By Jason DeRusha

It took a lot of driving to get from Louisville to Woodford, then South to Four Roses and over to Barton to visit the home of 1792. But you just have to drive yourself to Orchestra Hall on Thursday, July 26, because that’s the night of Minnesota Monthly‘s Fine Spirits Classic, where you can sample them both, along with tons of other great fine spirits.

Fine Spirits Classic brings together some great national brands, including the bourbons I mentioned, Plantation Rum, Tequila Código 1530, and some incredible local distillers like Tattersall, Vikre, Dampfwerk, Loon, and Prairie Organic. You’ll have great local bartenders putting together cocktails, as well as a chance to taste the pure spirit. You have to try Helgolander from Dampfwerk, and I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Tattersall drink I didn’t like. But we’ll have food, too: crab cakes from St. Paul Grill, a grilled chicken chop salad from Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel the Depot, and, of course, the amazing desserts from Café Latte.

We’re almost out of our VIP Early Admission tickets ($60, including free valet parking and a specialty cocktail from Woodford), but I can get you 25 percent off the general admission tickets if you use my code FSCJASON. So, you pay $37.50 instead of $50. Sweet deal, right? Come say hi to me and Joy Thursday!