Fall Brew

Sigh. Summer is basically over. Sure, we have plenty of reasons to bemoan the end of the season (including this week’s first frost), but we also have plenty of reasons to welcome autumn—fresh apple cider, pumpkin pie, and New Glarus Staghorn beer.

From August through the end of October, the New Glarus Brewing Company produces Staghorn, a Märzen/Oktoberfest-style lager. Slightly sweet, slightly malty, slightly spicy, and highly drinkable Stag Horn makes for a decent fall session beer. It’s a welcome break from the bitter, hoppier beers that have dominated my refrigerator this summer. Pair it with a hearty beef stew, summer squash terrine, or a bratwurst and a bonfire.

Lovers of New Glarus beer know that it is strictly sold in Wisconsin, so that means you’ll need to pick some up during a fall colors trip along the Mississippi River Valley, or ask a visiting friend from Wisconsin to bring a six-pack for you.  And since I just made a trip to Wisconsin, I can tell you that New Glarus’s other seasonal beers, including Black Top and Laughing Fox, are on shelves now.