Fancy Fresh: 3 Things to Eat This Week

Where to grab morels, foie gras, and spring sunshine right now

Photo Courtesy of Corner Table Minneapolis

Our new patio guide is hitting stands right now, and I cannot wait to grab this issue and hit the open road. We have gorgeous road trip–worthy spots for sunning yourself and grabbing a bite all around this gorgeous state. But on the off chance you’re hanging around town this Memorial Day Weekend, I have three spots for incredible dishes that come with a side of sunny patio.

The New Grand Cafe’s Foie Gras Egg

Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson have taken over the cozy French bistro in South Minneapolis, and my first bite was phenomenal. There are blushy pink tones and a vintage-feeling, green, hand-painted piece of wall paper inside. But outside, there are a few treasured patio seats—and this is a sunny, perfect spot to start. A creamy, ethereal, fluffy foie gras mixture is served in a duck-foot egg cup and hollowed-out eggshell. It’s the dish taking Instagram by storm right now, and it eats as beautifully as it photographs.

Corner Table’s Morel Tasting Menu

Unfortunately, I can’t say for how much longer this special once-a-year tasting menu will be available at Corner Table, but it is happening right now. So, get over there if you’re a fungi fan, because the mushroom harbingers of spring are getting the luxe treatment inside Thomas Boemer and Nick Rancone’s restaurant just off 46th and Nicollet in South Minneapolis. Plus, the patio has opened. There are a few coveted seats in the sun at the front of the restaurant—or my favorite seat on the side patio near the restaurant’s giant rock sculpture/fountain. The tasting menu should be ordered by the entire table, so make sure to bring a friend who appreciates the finer things.

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe’s Cinnamon Roll

I am a full-on cinnamon roll fanatic. I can never turn one down, but my standards for a great roll are ridiculously high. The very best I’ve had in town are the little cinnamon rolls inside the Bachelor Farmer Cafe. Adorably sized, they fit right in the palm of your hand, and the cinnamon scent is irresistible. Even before the first lick of the cream-cheese frosting, I was smitten. Grab one with their exceptional coffee and head outside to the little alley patio next door.