Farm Tour Program for Minnesota Schools

Source: MN Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

Do the children in your life know how about the journey their meals make to get to the table?

I’m on vacation this week, but I wanted to pass along some interesting news I received from my friends at the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture—a program that introduces children to local farmers on the farm.

The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota (SFA-MN) is now arranging farm tours for urban and suburban school groups.

What they need to know:

  • The location of your group (the grade and subject of the class/group)
  • The kind of farm your group is interested in touring (vegetable growers, dairies, pasture raised meat, orchards…etc.)
  • The date(s) that work best for your group
  • The size of your group

After reviewing this information, they will match you with the ideal sustainable farmer in your area and then arrange for a tour of the farm.

The children in your group will:

  • Be better informed in how to make healthy and sustainable food choices
  • Gain a greater understanding of sustainable agriculture
  • Better understand their role in our complex food system

Interested? Please contact SFA-MN Events and Youth Outreach Committee member Jerry Ford at or 320-543-3394.