If you read this blog religiously, we’re guessing you follow other food blogs, too—or at the very least, wish you had the time. Well, this next cookbook giveaway does the sourcing for you. Foodista: Best of Food Blogs Cookbook culls work from the best of the best around the world and presents it in a fresh, delicious package of “100 Great Recipes, Photographs, and Voices.” The content was collected by, a collaborative food blogging site. They held a contest in 2009, inviting people to submit their favorite recipes and photos for inclusion in this book.

To win this copy we have lying around our office, please tell us in the comments section below about your other favorite food blog. And congrats, by the way, to last week’s winner of Sweet Chic, LITTLEPOD.
Entries accepted until Monday, Dec. 13, 8 a.m.