FrozBroz Ice Cream Finally For Sale!

FrozBroz is going public this weekend. That’s right, the ice cream-making duo known for their zany flavors and random Facebook ice cream giveaways will be serving ice cream this weekend during Art-A-Whirl.

As previously reported, Solberg and Erik Powers’ friendship took root in Eau Claire, Wisc. There, they developed similar interests in Do-It-Yourself projects, indie rock, and good food. Years ago, they both moved to Minneapolis, where the duo started concocting scratch-made, small batches of ice cream in their home kitchens.

Today, Solberg and Powers are known as FrozBroz, and they recently celebrated their two-year anniversary of making ice cream and blogging about it. 100 flavors, one kickstarter fundraiser, and dozens facebook of giveaways later, FrozBroz is set to start making ice cream in their new commercial kitchen space at CityFoodStudio. With their new commercial kitchen space, they’ll be selling pints and possibly starting an ice cream CSA.

This weekend they’ll be serving up scoops of their FrozBroz charred vanilla and fennel pollen ice cream with toppings like ginger caramel, rhubarb cardamom syrup, macadamia crumble, and citrus sugar. The rich textures they achieve by making their own ice cream bases, and the flavors they create through countless experiments in the kitchen, make their ice cream memorable and craveable.

So while you’re out Art-A-Whirl-ing, swing by Needle & Black Studios (1618 Central Ave NE) between noon and 8 p.m. and try some Minneapolis-made ice cream that had previously been available only via luck of the draw.