Frozen Treats You Need to Try—Beyond Just Ice Cream

Three of our favorite Twin Cities frozen treats rethink popsicles, cereal, and sorbet

There is no shortage of ice cream in the Twin Cities. (Check out our list from last year of some of our favorite scoops.) But we have other frozen treats that taste just as good. Here are three spots for a different way to chill.

Jonah Harrison

La Michoacana Purépecha

The treats served here hail from Michoacán, Mexico. Paletas are like popsicles, but they come in many flavors, made of many fruits, which are sometimes frozen in delicious chunks. The owners of La Michoacana Purépecha, immigrants from Michoacán themselves, took a leap of faith to bring their favorite childhood treats to Minnesotans, selling paletas while supporting Latinx communities in Minnesota through sponsorships and student programming, with free treats to celebrate the academic success of kids in grades K-8. Not sure what to try first? Some of our favorite flavors are bubble gum, watermelon, chocolate, and strawberry. 701 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, 612-886-3039

Edwards Dessert Kitchen

Edwards Dessert Kitchen

When this upscale dessert-only bar opened in 2018, Minnesota native and executive pastry chef Christina Kaelberer offered the Twin Cities a new, unique dessert experience, with twists on classics you know and love. Think: Miso Caramel Pudding, Mango Coconut Cream Pie Puffs, Matcha Mousse. The Edwards Dessert Kitchen menu features made-to-order items and seasonal tastings. Naturally, the items here are a little more expensive than our other options. In search of frozen desserts, we were led to the Avocado Lime Sorbet, a refreshing way to end the night served in a classic ice cream cocktail glass. 200 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, 612-800-0335

Kevin Kramer

Treats Cereal Bar

For something a little closer to the ice cream world, head to the just-opened Treats Cereal Bar. With bright-colored walls featuring beloved cereal mascots, it’s already a St. Paul destination, helmed by brother and sister Trisha Seng and Minh Dinh. Customers pick from familiar cereals, which are then blended into an ice cream base, retaining some of the larger pieces for a uniquely delightful texture. Toppings include Froot Loops, gummy bears, and Lucky Charms marshmallows. Choose from a variety of colorful cones, sourced from Chicago’s Konery, and explore a new realm of cereal as dessert. 770 Grand Ave., St. Paul

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