Get Your Food Truck On

Loosen your belts immediately: You have two last chances to indulge in this fine state’s food-on-wheels. St. Paul will host the next Minnesota Food Truck Fair Saturday, July 25 from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. near Kellogg Boulevard and Seventh Street across from the Xcel Energy Center.

We couldn’t miss last month’s fair in Uptown, where we did a little digging on which dishes you need to try (emphasis on the word “need”). 


Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos from Run Tell That BBQ

Unfortunately, there is no photo for this mind-blowing creation. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t need a photo. Because let’s face it, you don’t need to see it to realize it’s the most beautiful marriage of two sublime genres: down-home BBQ and Mexican. Overflowing with pork that’s slow-cooked right in front of you, fresh jalapeños and your choice of BBQ sauce, you may want to split this with a friend for the sake of your waistline.

Lamb Indurrito from Hot Indian Foods

This beloved Twin Cities food truck is the perfect transition from your run-of-the-mill safety net into the world of Indian food. Their Lamb Indurrito (A.K.A. an Indian-burrito) is filled with slow braised lamb tossed together with their juicy channa masala, a chickpea-based snack popular in India. Don’t forget a side of Indi-Frites.

Fried Tomato BLT from The Moral Omnivore

What’s better than one BLT? Two BLTs—especially when they’re made from entirely local or fair trade ingredients. All you need to know is this dish is comprised of hand-breaded tomatoes, bacon, lemon chipotle collard greens and housemade tzaziki slaw. Stop drooling, please.

The Big Stink from O’Cheeze

Blue cheese, two types of gorgonzola, honey, pear and a side of jalapeño jam dip make for one serious party in your mouth. Why we’ve been torturing ourselves with Kraft American grilled cheese sandwiches all these years is beyond me. (Sorry, Mom!)

Make Your Own Creation at Fro Yo Soul

Finish your trip to Food Truck Land with a mountain of fro-yo. It’s hard to miss this truck, considering the line is usually about 50 people deep, and for good reason. Their organic frozen yogurt ranges in flavor from signature tart and salted caramel to spicy chai and pumpkin pie for all you fall fanatics out there.


Don’t limit yourself to these five. Try 50 if you must—we won’t judge. 
For more information on this weekend’s festivities and the Burnsville Food Truck Fair in September, visit