Gluten-Free Food Festival

Moveable Feast: MnMo editor Rachel Hutton and MPR Classical’s John Birge discuss gluten-free trends

gluten free festival, minneapolis
Photo by fotolia – Jef Milano

Gluten-free foods have become a major part of the food industry, giving more options to those with celiac disease, and some people eliminate gluten just to feel better. But severe allergies can make eating a treacherous chore, and not all gluten-free sources are always safe. Even General Mills, the Twin Cities’ hometown brand, recalled boxes of gluten-free Cheerios last year after they were contaminated with wheat flour, which caused some people to lose faith in their gluten-free attempts. Luckily, the Gluten Free Food Festival is here to help.

Rachel and John will discuss global gluten-free trends and the upcoming Gluten-Free Allergy Food Fest, which will be in Minneapolis this weekend. Renowned chefs will perform cooking demonstrations, vendors will provide samples of gluten-free food, and experts will offer tips for maintaining healthy diets. Whether you go for the food or the camaraderie, the festival will be one to remember.

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