Green Tomato Overload

Minnesota weather requires us to be flexible, and recently, rapid temperature declines have determined that all my green tomatoes had to be removed from the vine and brought in to either ripen or use.

Sure, I can ripen some of them on my windowsill or in a paper bag, but what am I going to do with the rest? Here’s hoping you can supplement my own ideas.

Every year, I make big plans for my green tomatoes, but I usually just end up making fried green tomatoes because they’re easy to make and taste good with marinara—which I make using the ripened tomatoes. However, fried green tomatoes aren’t an everyday treat in our household, and I’ve got a couple dozen green tomatoes to work with. 

This year, I think I’ll make some green tomato pickles to add to my stock of pickled beets, green beans, and cucumbers. I’ve never tried it, but I understand the secret is piercing the skin of the tomatoes with a fork before packing them in the jars with the garlic and dill.

What are some other options for green tomatoes? Green tomato pie? I’ve had it before, and it tasted similar to apple pie. Green tomato crisp? Easier and healthier than pie. What do all you tomato growers do with yours?