Help Set a Guinness World Record by Drinking Guinness this St. Paddy's Day

March 17th is just 11 days away, and for big-time revelers, it’s worth noting that St. Patrick’s Day actually falls on a Saturday! Horray.

Minnesota may be known more for its Norwegian roots, but the Irish survived and thrived here as well, turning St. Paul into the “Irish capital” after nine of the 10 mayors between 1932-1972 were of Irish ancestry. Nowadays, our plethora of pubs and whiskey-serving star certainly put us on the map as well. Which is why we’ve partnered with Guinness in their efforts to organize the world’s biggest (hopefully!) virtual St. Paddy’s Party to impress The Guinness Book of World Records.

Pleding takes just a few clicks on the Guinness site—and a promise that you’ll add some Guinness to your celebration. (At the end you get this certificate to make it official.) And hey, you’re representing this great state, so make sure to enter the optional code word: MINN.

Where can you find a Guiness? In restaurants and bars all over the state, of course (and at your local liquor store to enjoy at home!). But here are some great Twin Cities pubs, many comprised of wooden interior and staffers straight from The Emerald Isle:

For even more options, especially for those of you in Greater Minnesota, try the Guinness Pub Finder.

Now you have no excuses: Drink up! Pledge! And please drink responsibly.