Here’s to Your Health

While the New Year’s Resolutions might be a thing of the past (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone), it’s still important to work more fruits and vegetables into any healthy diet. Luckily, Bushel Boy tomatoes are picked at their juicy apex of flavor and packed with important nutrients.

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine said, “Tomatoes are the most important non-starchy vegetable in the American diet.” Tomatoes are surging with lycopene, an important antioxidant which could prevent some kinds of cancer. That’s not all the good these super little guys do. Tomatoes have been linked to battling osteoporosis, heart disease and boring dinners. They are loaded with Vitamin C, B6, K, A, and folate to help your body chase away the cold-weather doldrums and power you back to life after a nasty case of the sniffles. Tomatoes also boast beta carotene, which helps skin protect itself from sun damage. The anti-inflammatory ingredients in tomatoes also helps ease arthritis and can aid in managing chronic pain.

Which is to say nothing about their low calories, low fat and fiber—all of which will help keep you full and satisfied after eating. Plus, unlike so many fruits and vegetables, you can’t cook that good stuff out of a tomato. All the health benefits remain intact even if they’re stewed or jammed or even pickled.

There are just as many ways to prepare a tomato as there are benefits to eating them. Whether picking our big, fat Bubbas® or those sweet-smelling vine-on clusters, Bushel Boy tomatoes are here for your health.

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