I’m on the Travel Channel’s Food Wars Tonight!

The Jucy Lucy battle airs on the Travel Channel tonight, 9 Central, 10 Eastern/Pacific! Tune in to see who has the best Ju(i)cy Lucy in the world: Matt’s or the 5-8?

In addition to settling and/or throwing fuel on the fire of who has the best Lucy, this show should be quite a who’s-who of local food people: They’ve got Stephanie March from Minneapolis-St.Paul Magazine on the episode, Alix Kendall from Channel 9, and, uh, Ragnar the Vikings mascot?

Who will the winner be? I’ve heard from a number of people, but signed a non-disclosure so I won’t spill the beans. I will say that it’s obvious. I will also say it was hilarious filming my segment, because we were in a blizzard about two miles from the airport at 5 p.m., which meant that: A) airplanes landing or taking off interrupted every take. B) The light was fading. C) Snow kept piling up on my head and wrecking the continuity.

If any of you at home want to nerd out on Jucy Lucy thoughts, as I did prepping for the episode, I thoroughly recommend downloading the 1946 Minneapolis streetcar map from the Minnesota Streetcar Museum. Look how many street-car lines Matt’s was on! Let’s continue this train of thought at 9 Central, shall we?