Indeed Brewing Co. Rolls Out New IPA

Indeed Brewing Co.’s Let it Ride IPA will be going into hibernation this week. However, IPA lovers should not fear. Let it Roll is a new seasonal IPA from Head Brewer Josh Bischoff, and is set to take over for the remainder of the year.

“Together they allow us to offer IPA all year round,” Kelly Moritz, Marketing Coordinator at Indeed, said of the two beers.

The highlighting hop of Let it Roll is Citra, a hop that Indeed always wanted to incorporate into their flagship Day Tripper Pale Ale but was not able to administer as a start up brewery, Moritz said. She added that while Let it Ride embraces lush, tropical fruit notes, the hops in Let it Roll showcase dank, citrusy, lemon zest aromas from a blend of Citra, Lemondrop, and CTZ (which stands for Columbus Tomahawk Zeus.)

“Let it Ride and Let it Roll are both IPAs, but that’s really where the similarity ends,” Moritz said.

The hops are completely different from Let it Ride counterpart and supported by a dry, spicy and robust malt backbone, and hints of juicy grapefruit, which is what Bischoff describes as “hop candy” on the nose.



Let it Roll comes in 12-ounce cans with a dapperly dressed elephant illustrated by Minneapolis-based artist Chuck U.

“The inspiration for the elephant on the can came from the ‘India’ piece of the IPA style. Each of our beer styles has its own mascot, or creature. Together they inspire our company motto, ‘We are thirsty creatures, Indeed.’”

Staying true to their motto, the brewery strives to brew the beers they want to drink, said Moritz. With a current track record of successful hop combinations, many iterations and tweaks, Indeed is excited to debut Let it Roll IPA.