Jason’s Best Burgers for Summer 2022

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Bebe Zito burger
Bebe Zito burger

Photo by Ben Spangler

It’s burger season. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and my WCCO co-worker Shayla Reaves just asked me for the best three burgers in the Twin Cities. (Shayla’s a soon-to-be-former coworker, this week I announced I’m leaving WCCO, but I’m still going to be writing here at Minnesota Monthly!)

I can’t answer Shayla’s question with just three. I need categories and choices and rankings. I need your help! You tell me what I’m missing! (and include burgers you’ve tried in the last 6 months – so many things have changed since the pandemic!)

Here are my Best Burgers for Summer of 2022:

Chef/Smash burgers
Animales Burger
Bebe Zito
Petite Leon
Chip’s Clubhouse

Thick/juicy burgers
Murray’s Steak
Red Cow
My Burger
Gianni’s Steakhouse

Old school
Lion’s Tap
King’s Place

Juicy Lucy
The Nook/Shamrock’s
Matt’s Bar

Any burger that a friend wants to cook up for me on their deck or patio

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