Jason's Top 21 (Not New) Foods at the Minnesota State Fair, Ranked

You know the new ones—but here’s what you should be eating year after year, courtesy of our food critic

OK, we get it. People love the new foods. The critics love to review the new foods. But what do we eat at the State Fair when we’re not chasing the new? What are our favorites on our own time?

Well, here are my mine—all my favorite Minnesota State Fair foods, ranked. (And what takes the No. 1 spot? Fresh French Fries, of course.)

What are your favorites? Put ’em in the comments.

  1. Fresh French Fries 
  2. Cider Freeze at Minnesota Apples in the Ag/Horticulture Building (a freeze pop of frozen apple cider from White Bear Lake)
  3. Turkey Sandwich from Turkey-To-Go
  4. Cheese Curds from Mouth Trap
  5. Minneapple Pie
  6. Blue Cheese & Corn Fritters with chimichurri at Blue Barn (also chicken in the waffle and the French toast bites)
  7. About a foot-long hot dog
  8. BBQ Brisket sandwich and Hot Link at RC’s BBQ
  9. Piña Colada in a real pineapple at Manny’s Tortas Food Building
  10. Steak Sandwich at Butcher Boys near the Grandstand
  11. Sweet Martha’s Cookies
  12. Pork Mole Tamale at Tejas Express
  13. Cashew Nut Roll at Colonial Nut Rolls
  14. Egg Roll on A Stick from Que Viet Concessions
  15. Dole Whip
  16. Onion Rings at Ball Park Cafe
  17. Izzy’s Church (Elder) Berry Ice Cream at Hamline Church Dining Hall
  18. Deep Fried Pickles at Preferred Pickle
  19. Deep Fried Pepper Rings at The Big Pepper
  20. Pronto Pups 
  21. Gizmo Sandwich at Carl’s Gizmo (Machinery Hill)