Justin Sutherland Recommends 5 Spices and Rubs for BBQ

The chef and owner of Handsome Hog tells us where to locally source some key BBQ elements
Justin Sutherland
Justin Sutherland

Photo by Pierre Ware

Brisket Rub at Lowry Hill Meats in Minneapolis for brisket

Rib Rub at Von Hanson’s various locations for baby back ribs, or mix it with some melted butter and pour over popcorn

Bourbon and Smoke Rub at Hackenmueller’s in Robbinsdale for prime rib

Tennessee Hot at various grocery stores as a dry rub on salmon to make blackened salmon

Chicken Dredge at the St. Paul Meat Shop for fresh chicken. When not mixed with flour, this makes a great all-purpose seasoning.

None of these spices are necessarily meat specific; you can choose based on flavor profiles. The brisket rub is sweet with cinnamon and brown sugar, while the Tennessee Hot and Rib Rub are a little spicy with cayenne and pepper. Don’t be afraid to try unusual and new combinations. And when you do, share them with me.

–Justin Sutherland, chef/owner of Handsome Hog