Klein's Sustainable-Eats Documentaries

Former chef and film student Daniel Klein has been making interesting videos about his edible experiences around Minnesota. With a background in arts—both film and culinary—he brings an interesting perspective to Minnesota’s edible landscape as he explores the concept of sustainable eating in Minnesota.

Now airing its 24th episode, the video documentary series covers a wide array of all things edible in Minnesota—from fishing and foraging in the Boundary Waters to making cheese at Star Thrower Farm.

As he shadows producers and casts lines into Lake Superior, Klein takes his viewers along on his adventures —sometimes dramatic, sometimes heartwarming, and always thought-provoking.

“The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. The episodes follow the culinary, agricultural and hunting explorations of chef and activist Daniel Klein. Taking place over a calendar year in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as the surrounding food source destinations, Daniel takes the viewer on a journey to appreciate and understand where good food comes from and how to enjoy it. Recipes, politics, long winters, urban gardens, ice fishing, blood, hunting and guts… all line the path to the perennial plate.”

Adventurous eating. Sustainable living. A year in Minnesota. See here: theperennialplate.com.