Land of Plenty

Nick and Eddie proves holiday generosity isn’t just for greeting cards: Behold the biggest gourmet bargain of the year

Nothing creates holiday cheer like heaps of hearty eats, and that’s exactly what Minneapolis restaurant Nick and Eddie is now serving in their hopping bar. A smorgasbord plate for one person runs $8, while a platter for four costs $22. Both boast a bounty of chef Steve Vranian’s current passion: Northern European comfort foods. Think roast lamb, Yorkshire pudding, gravlax, Swedish grilled ham, roast Brussels sprouts, cardamom rolls, Swedish kringle, and lots more. Add an $18, 375 milliliter bottle of Hangar vodka frozen in a block of ice for extra cheer. Nick and Eddie, 1612 Harmon Pl., Minneapolis, 612-486-5800,


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