Last Chance for Book Party Tickets!

Hey everybody, it looks like we have to close the window for buying tickets to my book party tomorrow at noon, to give the Solera chefs time to prep for the event. I know we had some problems with the ticketing site early on, so if you tried to buy a ticket and couldn’t, many apologies; we seem to have finally worked everything out. (However, if you still have any problems with the online ticketing, e-mail me directly at, and I will personally figure out how to make this work!)

To recap, this Wednesday’s event is going to be the party of the year, or at least the party of my year, and for your $80 ticket ($75 for MPR members) you get a copy of the book (Drink This: Wine Made Simple), a Spanish wine flight, and a plated and served eight-course meal designed by Tim McKee, which includes: Grilled pork belly with Morcilla sausage and lentils, smoked salmon with pistachio pesto and coriander yogurt, and black cod with white asparagus in chorizo broth. If you’ve ever wondered how a James Beard Award-winning chef cooks when he has a month’s advance knowledge that a critic is coming in and knows half the food media in town will be there, now you’ll know!

Here’s our ticketing site:

Hope to see you there!

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