Learn About Raising Chickens and Building Chicken Coops at the U’s Student Organic Farm

Raising poultry is gaining popularity, especially in urban areas where city-dwellers are increasingly interested in connecting to food sources. But no matter the location, there is a learning curve associated with raising poultry. For those interested in learning more, the University of Minnesota has resources for folks raising backyard chickens, including a unique opportunity this weekend.

This Saturday, September 14, 2013, join students, staff, and members of the public at the Student Organic Farm at their boiler chicken operation. Extension Educator, Wayne Martin, will be demonstrating how to build low-cost chicken feeders. Attendees can also observe and help build portable coops.

“You might find an idea or two that will be useful if you are thinking about raising chickens in the now or in the future,” said Martin.

Hours for the event are 10 a.m.-1p.m. on Saturday, and 1 p.m.-4p.m. on Sunday.

If you plan to attend, contact Wayne Martin at marti067@umn.edu or 612-998-4721.

The chicken huts are location on the portion of the farm that is just north of the Leatherdale Equine Center, at 1801 Dudley Avenue, Saint Paul, MN, 55108.

More information about raising backyard chickens is available online from the City of Minneapolis and the City of Saint Paul on their websites.

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