Local Stars Andrew Zimmern and Sheletta Brundidge Team Up

On his new show ”Family Dinner,” Zimmern learns about Louisiana cooking from a WCCO Radio personality

Where’s Waldo? Where’s Andrew Zimmern? The Minneapolis-based celebrity chef often seems to be in many places at once.

Well, now you can find Zimmern sharing family dinners on his new cooking show on the Magnolia Network, a channel available through Discovery+, called Family Dinner. He will be visiting families across the country, exploring how cultural, regional, and historical facets of who we are influence what and how we eat. In the kitchen and at the dinner table, each family shares how they use food as a way of connecting to their culture and heritage.

This week, the local family Zimmern visits is none other than WCCO Radio’s dynamic star Sheletta Brundidge and her family in Cottage Grove.

Dinner is served at the Brundidge family during the filming of Family Dinner
Dinner is served at the Brundidge family during the filming of “Family Dinner”

Courtesy of the Magnolia Network

“Funny part? I can’t cook!” Brundidge told me in an email. She isn’t the family cook for her four young children and father-in-law—that’s her husband, Shawn. In the episode, Shawn cooks up Creole dishes reflective of Louisiana roots while Brundidge and Zimmern crack jokes and play with her four kids, she says.

Aside from sharing recipe tips in this segment, the family dresses up, too. “We even do a Second Line dance at the end with Zimmern while we’re all wearing Mardi Gras masks and beads and waving white handkerchiefs in the air,” she says.

The episode is streaming now on the Magnolia Network via Discovery+.

Sue Zelickson (Sue Z.) is a James Beard Award-winning food media personality, philanthropist, and longtime contributor to Minnesota Monthly and WCCO radio. She has founded the Charlie Awards, the Women Who Really Cook networking organization for women in the local food industry, and the Kids Cafe at Perspectives, Inc., which improves access to nutritious meals for families in need. You can find her buzzing around from event to event throughout the Twin Cities, helping to raise funds for charitable organizations, including some she has had a hand in building.