Locally Laid Eggs: Now in the Twin Cities

Locally Laid Eggs is growing, again. Based in Wrenshall outside of Duluth, Locally Laid (or LoLa) started as Jason Amundsen’s six-chicken backyard flock. After he noticed a lack of local eggs at their co-op, Jason and his family started a chicken farm, which has now grown to its current size of 2,800 “girls” to meet an ever-increasing demand for eggs from pasture-raised chickens.

But the latest wave of demand didn’t come from consumers. It came from other farmers, who contacted the Amundsens wanting to know how to convert their flocks from cage-free to pasture. The Locally Laid flock more than doubled recently when Farmer Jason helped a farm in Kalona Iowa convert to pasture. The increased size of the flock has allowed LoLa to expand from the Duluth area to the Twin Cities. You can now find Locally Laid eggs at Center City Market and the Eastside, Wedge, and Seward Co-ops. LoLa eggs are also served at Birchwood Café and Modern Times Café.

Why the growing demand for pasture-raised chicken eggs? Pasture raised is different from free range, cage-free, and other deliberately vague food labels. Cage-free means chickens aren’t confined to cages typical of factory farms. Free-range means chickens must be cage-free and have access to the outdoors. It does not mean they actually GO outdoors; they might just have a window in a large, crowded shed. Pasture-raised means what people often assume free-range means: chickens roam freely outdoors, and are encouraged to roost, forage and do one of their favorite activities, take dust baths. The exercise and foraging mean the chickens produce eggs with a different nutritional makeup than those from their confined counterparts. Pasture-raised eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, and more vitamin A, D, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and beta carotene than their conventional counterparts.

The Amundsens are hoping to attract an even bigger audience for their eggs in 2014. They’re participating in a contest to win a free SuperBowl ad. You can vote daily for Locally Laid at Small Business Big Game. Initial response via LoLa’s Facebook page has been strong. So if you want to show your support for pasture-raised chickens, try their eggs, and vote often. Who knows what could happen if these “girls” receive national attention?

Locally Laid Eggs
P.O. Box 208
Wrenshall, MN 55797

Where to buy Locally Laid eggs:

The Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth
Eastside, Linden Hills, Seward and Wedge Co-ops, Minneapolis
City Center Market, Cambridge
SuperOne Foods, Kenwood
SuperOne Foods, Duluth
Homecroft Foods, Rice Lake
TJ’s Country Corner, Mahtowa

Where to eat Locally Laid eggs:

The Birchwood Cafe
Modern Times Cafe
The Duluth Grill
The Zeitgeist Arts Cafe
Northern Waters Smokehaus
St. Luke’s Hospital
Kitchi Gammi Club
Third Street Bakery
The Buttercup Factory
How Sweet it is Cakes