Lost Dishes of 2012

I was disappointed to learn that Pardon My French abruptly closed its Eagan and (relatively new) MOA outposts last week. The tarte flambee and passion fruit cakes will be sadly missed. I’m also lamenting the loss of D’Amico Kitchen and its elegant breakfasts—the amazing bruschetta with fresh ricotta, prosciutto, honey, pine nuts, and currents that I now must try to replicate at home—and the beguiling chicory salad, which was topped with prosciutto, fresh figs, balsamic vinegar, and buffalo mozz.

I thought I’d give a shout-out to my most-missed dishes from restaurants that closed in 2012. Any that you’d like to add?

King and I Thai: Pad Thai I wrote about in my very first restaurant review (!)

Wondrous Azian Kitchen: dim sum, especially the chiu chow dumplings

El Meson: paella—so few places you can get it, though I do like Solera’s

Jack’s: Farmer’s Pantry Salad from the Stephanie Hedrick era

Risotto: risotto, natch, especially the piselli e fontina

Prairie Ale House: okay, fine, the Wisconi Balls 😉

* Restaurants that closed in 2012 that I won’t miss: Joe Senser’s and Cowboy Slim’s