Love is a Battlefield: 6 Valentine's Day Dining Options

The anxiety that comes along with crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day date can be a lot to bear, and if you’ve let planning fall to the wayside, have no fear: There are still options. Strategy is key here, so we’ve outlined three different ones to ensure a happy Valentine’s Day for all.

Strategy #1: Go Early

Beat the V-Day crowds by heading out on Thursday for a special date night. Since Valentine’s Day is all about perfect pairings, Stella’s Fish Café is teaming up with Minnesota Monthly for A Date Night with Stella on February 13. This event offers a four-course meal (think: scallops, short ribs, and strudel) paired with Stella Artois beers. For ticket information, go to

Strategy #2: Play the System

Diving into Valentine’s Day crowds without a reservation is risky—unless everyone around you is taking the same gamble. There are plenty of top spots in the Twin Cities that don’t take reservations, so showing up and trying your luck can’t hurt.

No matter which side of the river you live on, Brasa’s laid-back atmosphere makes for a perfect Valentine’s dinner with friends. Pass around plates of the famed slow-roasted meats and other Creole-inspired food made from all natural, local products. And going with a group is the perfect excuse to order every single one of the delectable sides, from cornbread to collard greens.

If you’re willing to wait it out, Tilia is the ultimate spot for a romantic dinner. Featuring gourmet hot dogs, scallops with sofrito, and a to-die-for-Reuben, the menu is the perfect compromise for adventurous-foodies and comfort-foodies.

Strategy #3: Backup Your Backup Plan

If all else fails, hedge your bets by heading to Broder’s Pasta Bar for fresh-made pasta. If the tables are full and the bar is packed, head across the street to Terzo Vino Bar for a glass of wine and bruschetta-filled plates to soothe any ruffled feathers. And if all else fails, stop by Broder’s Cucina Italiana down the block to pick up ingredients to whip up an intimate Italian meal at home.