Mark Your Calendars: Ruth Reichl & Me, Oct. 10; Lorrie Moore and Nicholson Baker Thrown in For Free!

I’m in a whirlwind. We’re putting our big November restaurant issue of MNMO to bed and our holiday Real Food is in layouts (we have the most amazing imperial holiday feast story; I am ecstatic about it. Be sure to grab ten copies when it’s out in about a month!). When I’m not doing any of that (or raising volatile toddlers), I’m in a frenzy of pre-promotion activities for my book, Drink This: Wine Made Simple (out November 24).

Also, like, I joined Facebook! (Come be my friend!) This Facebook thing is odd. It’s something I did very much at the insistence of my publisher, because before I joined it, I believed I did not have one more second for one more activity, but now, aside from the sneaking constant suspicion that I’m doing it wrong and the fact that it has sucked up every last second that I used to use for frivolous activities like sweeping up Cheerios, it seems like a uniform good and I’ve found all these friends of mine from high school. Well, to veteran Facebookers, I’m sure that sounds trite. Forgive me. It’s all so new.

Anyhoo, as I’ve been in my whirlwind, I’ve lost track of some exciting things in my actual life, like: I’ll be on stage with Ruth Reichl at the Twin Cities Book Festival on Saturday, October 10.

Reichl, of course, is the editor in chief of Gourmet, and one of the best food writers in the history of food writing; she’s also the food-writer I, more or less, learned to write about food from. (When I was just getting started, I used to study her New York Times reviews with the sort of close-reading typically reserved for bible passages.) She’ll be at the Book Festival to promote the new Gourmet Cookbook, though I’m sure she’ll also be happy to talk about Comfort Me with Apples and her other memoirs—or at least I hope she will be, because I’m going to be asking her about them! I think we’re on stage at the book festival at 11:30 a.m., so come on down and say hi! If that’s not enticing enough, Lorrie Moore and Nicholson Baker will be there, too. No, I’m not making this up. And it’s free! Free, free, free! If you’ve got any questions you want me to ask Ruth, just post them in the comments and I’ll do my best. Till then, if you see any whirlwinds near you, don’t look too closely. That’s me in the middle.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dara’s appearance with Ruth has been cancelled. Please see “Ruth Reichl & I—Cancelled! Along with Gourmet…” for explanation.

Twin Cities Book Festival
Saturday, October 10, 2009
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Minneapolis Community & Technical College
1501 Hennepin Avenue S.

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