Miel y Leche Cupcakes

What to eat now

Two years ago, when Sheela Namakkal launched Miel y Leche, the Twin Cities’ first bonafide cult cupcake was born. What makes a cult cupcake? First, dazzling flavors like fresh mint, vanilla bean, rosewater and pistachio, or spicy Mexican hot chocolate. Second, painstakingly crafted icing, like the carefully molded fondant hearts pictured here. Third, and most important, fans: people who will line up for a cupcake before a store even opens its doors. Is your valentine worthy of such a treat? If so, know that Miel y Leche cupcakes are available only on Fridays at Golden Fig (790 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-602-0144) and on Saturdays at Mitrebox (213 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612-676-0696). If your idea of love doesn’t run to red hearts, you can always order different varieties through mielyleche.net. “I haven’t done any engagement cupcakes yet, but I have done an awful lot of bachelorette party ones,” says Namakkal. “The right cupcake can really make a bride blush.”