Minnesota State Fair Food Recommendations

Jason and Joy’s favorites from the Great Minnesota Get-Together

A Minneapple Pie at the Minnesota State Fair.
Minneapple Pie

photo by Sharyn morrow/flickr

Jason: I spend about 10 of the 12 days of the Minnesota State Fair on site, so I am a hard-core fair fan. Sure, I have my culinary classics (Fresh French Fries; DeRusha’s proprietary blend of chocolate and 2% milk; cheese curds), but here are a couple lesser-known gems.

Minneapple Pie: Created at Minne’s Diner in Rogers, these fruit pies have been a tremendous hit at the fair because the crust is just flaky enough, the fresh-fruit filling is hot and delicious, and they’re served with a scoop of vanilla. Try the new chocolate pie.

Mancini’s Al Fresco: I love the St. Paul institution that is Mancini’s steakhouse, so it’ll be great to see brothers Pat and John Mancini staffing their fifth-annual State Fair stand. Get the steak sandwich and don’t be afraid to put the pickled peppers and onions on it, because you’ll already have dragon breath from inhaling an order of freshly grilled garlic toast.

Joy: Summer’s not complete until I ride the Tilt-A-Whirl, look at the chickens, and let my kids climb all over the equipment on Machinery Hill.

Minnesota State Honey Producers Honey Ice Cream: The ag building has giant flower arrangements and bee displays. The plush honey ice cream has a lovely golden sweetness.

Midtown Produce Exchange Colorado Peaches: These aromatic fruits are a welcome respite from deep-fried fatigue—it happens when it’s 95 and humid! Nothing says summer like fresh peach juice dripping down your chin.