Monello and Constantine Both to Close May 31

Hotel Ivy Is replacing Jester Concepts with a new food management company

This comes as a surprise: One of the coolest bars in Minneapolis and one of the finest Italian restaurants are closing at Hotel Ivy. Jester Concepts just announced that Monello and Constantine will close on May 31.

I got this tip on Saturday, April Fools’ Day, but this is no joke. Hotel Ivy was sold about a year ago, and the investment company that owns it is contracting with a new company to run the food programs there. New York-based Monarch Alternative Capital is contracting APICII Hospitality to develop and operate the new restaurants.

In a news release, Brent Frederick, Jester Concepts owner said: “It’s been a fantastic eight years of food, hospitality and memories at Monello and Constantine. While we’re sad to go, we’re thankful for the opportunity and to the community for so widely embracing us. We wish nothing but the best for APICII and their new concepts.”

Constantine Bar


Two more months of Monello and Constantine, then over the summer the hotel will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the lobby for guests. New restaurants will likely open in the fall. These are some of the other APICII concepts around the country.

Jester has plenty of things going on with the launch of Butcher & The Boar in North Loop, likely expansion of that concept into other locations, Parlour in St. Paul and Minneapolis as well as Borough in the North Loop, and the release teases that “Jester Concepts has a number of new projects in the works as they continue to move the restaurant group forward.”