New Chef John Mullen III Brings Huge Specials at Wayzata’s 6Smith

Wayzata’s 6Smith has a new executive chef, and he’s dreamed up an outrageously indulgent way to kick off your weekend. Chef John Mullen III comes to the artisan meat-and-seafood restaurant from Bank at the Westin Minneapolis, following fine dining gigs in Atlanta and Chicago. Mullen will gradually add new menu items in the coming months, but to get a taste of Mullen’s creativity, visit 6Smith for one of their “Fat Pants Friday” specials—a different sandwich, burger, or entrée created each Friday that packs a whopping 3000 calories or more (4,000 if you can also stomach fries and a beer).

The mad scientist behind Fat Pants Friday, 6Smith owner Randy Stanley, said the idea came about as a way to spice up the dreary winter months and to “flip the bird to everything right and righteous.”

Since its debut in January, 6Smith has brought four unholy Fat Pants Friday creations to the public, including the “Eggomanic,” a mind-boggling combo of mashed potatoes, fried chicken, gravy, deep-fried bacon, and deep-fried cheese curds served between two Eggo waffles. In honor of Friday the 13th, last week’s “F13” creation included three beef burger patties, bacon strips, cheese fondue, hot dogs, and a fried egg, all sandwiched between a glazed donut. But don’t worry, 6Smith still makes sure you get your veggies—each special is served with a lone spear of grilled asparagus.

the pantalones gordos, courtesy 6smith

This Friday’s special, christened “Pantalones Gordos,” is what Stanley calls “a Mexican buffet on a bun,” combining refried beans, deep-fried poblano peppers, queso fresco, carnitas, and cheese curds. The Fat Pants Friday specials are only served in the bar area, and at $6 to $8, the price won’t give you a heart attack (even if the food does).  But there’s one catch—you have to take down the behemoth beast by yourself, as sharing isn’t allowed. As Stanley puts it, “man up.”