New Foods Inside U.S. Bank Stadium for Vikings Season 2023

Heading to a game or concert? Here are the new foods inside the stadium

I just shared my best spots outside U.S. Bank Stadium for Vikings fans, and just today the Vikings/U.S. Bank Stadium concession operator Aramark shared their new spots inside the stadium. Lots of local love in the building, lots of new perks for people in the suites and clubs too. Now all I need is a hookup for a couple of tickets…


Gallant Tiger: A creation of Kamal Muhammed, the founder of StepCHLD, these are  gourmet, crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches  (Section 129)

Union Hmong Kitchen: Fresh off of Chef Yia Vang’s success at the Minnesota State Fair and his first year inside Target Field, UHK will have the Meeka Burger, Banh Mi Brat, and Hot Tots. (Section 111)

Union Hmong Kitchen Meeka Burger, courtesy Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Courtesy Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Soul Bowl: No rest for Chef Gerard Klass and his partner Brittney either, as they just wrapped up the State Fair too. You’re lucky in the upper deck to get the Rude Boi Chicken and Waffles, Country Grammar Bowl, Caribe Bowl, Donut Peach Cobbler, and Queen B Lemonade. (Section 317)

Soul Bowl Country Grammar Bowl, Courtesy Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Nashville Coop: Back this year serving Nashville-style hot chicken tenders and fries. (Section 121)

Parlour Bar: Also returning with the legendary Parlour smashburger. (Section 118)

Parlour Burger, Courtesy Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Courtesy Aramark Sports + Entertainment


Wild Child Burger: Hamburger topped with cilantro slaw and gochujang sauce. (No Name Burger Stands and Retail clubs)

Bartesian: Cocktails at the push of a button, this is a nationwide test by Aramark in U.S. Bank. The Bartesian cocktail machines will be deployed in suites, clubs, and on mobile bar carts, promising a 30-second cocktail.

Elvis Sandwich, Courtesy Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Brunch or Late-Night in Polaris Club: They’re calling this “Game Time”—timing specific items in the Polaris Club to the game start time. So with a noon start, they’ll serve a Crab Chimichanga, at night they’ll serve the Elvis Sandwich (banana, bacon, and peanut butter on grilled sour dough bread.)