New Restaurants in Lowertown

The Lowertown restaurant boom has turned the St. Paul neighborhood into the hottest dining area in the city. Three of its newest offerings are the subject of Minnesota Monthly editor Rachel Hutton and MPR host John Birge’s discussion on this week’s Moveable Feast.

First up is Saint Dinette, a trendy restaurant from the team behind the Strip Club Meat and Fish. Their food is inspired by French influence in the Americas—think Cajun dishes from Louisiana mixed with deep fried offerings from Montreal—and Rachel says it’s made for snackers.

Down the street from Saint Dinette is the Ox Cart Ale House, which serves upscale pub fare from Coney Island dogs to arctic char. Like Saint Dinette, it strikes a fun balance between high and low that results in rare dishes like oxtail soup and fried smelt being served next to burgers and cheese curds.

Big River Pizza, which started as a farmers’ market stand, is fittingly located right across the street from the St. Paul Farmers’ Market. Its craft beer selection rivals that of Ox Cart, and its toppings range from the traditional—pepperoni—to the unusual—bacon jam.

Listen to the full podcast on Classical MPR’s site.

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