Now Open: Hi-Lo Diner

hi-lo diner
Photo by TJ Turner

What was once the shell of a Taco Bell is now a sleek diner car that harkens back to a more innocent era. The relic was transported from Pennsylvania to East Lake Street and rechristened as the Hi-Lo Diner. It’s been refurbished into a slice of Americana so pretty that it’s hard not to feel giddy seated in one of the curved bird-egg-blue seats or perched at the counter. Behind that sleek finish is a menu of classic pot pies, flappers, and hash. For breakfast (or really, anytime), the Hi-Top is a cousin of the doughnut with a yeasty, nearly-brioche dough, fried and either topped or stuffed with sweet and savory goodies. The bar menu (offered 8 a.m. to close) features updated drinks from Grandpa’s era: There’s Sebastian Joe’s ice cream blended into a Brandy Alexander and a Grasshopper garnished with avocado purée. Everything old is new again.

Hi-Lo Diner, 4020 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-353-6568,

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