One Great Dish: Crawfish Po’ Boy

Find it at Sea Salt Eatery in Minneapolis

An illustration of crawfish po' boys at Sea Salt Eatery near Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

illustration by Michael Hoeweler

It isn’t summer until I’m eating one of these massive sandwiches near Minnehaha Falls. The bread is a fat, crusty baguette, in proper NOLA po’ boy fashion, dressed with tartar sauce, tomato, lettuce, and a sea of crispy fried crawfish. Every bite is a thunderous crunch full of the sweet, sea-salty, meaty little crustaceans. A crawfish looks like a lobster hit with a miniaturizer ray, and that’s how they taste, too. The sandwich comes with a healthy dose of vinegary hot sauce, but a little more makes a proper po’ boy even better.

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