PastureLand Butter Is Back

Butter is an ingredient we use sparingly in our house. When we do use it, we want the best—tasty, local, fresh, organic, and made from grass-fed cows that are treated humanely. For those reasons, we’ve come to rely on PastureLand Summer Gold™ butter from the PastureLand Dairy Cooperative in Goodhue, MN.

PastureLand’s silky, organic, grass-fed Summer Gold™ cultured butter is made in small batches. It gets its golden color naturally and the flavor is fresh and sweet, similar to a European style of butter. It is great for baking and even better on a baguette.

Earlier this year, PasterLand butter was nowhere to be found at the co-op. A series of setbacks made butter production difficult for the small company. The good news is that it’s back— for real. I saw it on the shelves at Linden Hill’s Co-op today!  

Read more about the setback and comeback of PastureLand’s butter production online.