Peanut Punch, a Rich, Smooth Drink

Ever heard of Peanut Punch? A simple beverage from the Caribbean, peanut punch is frothy, rich, and smooth like a shake, but healthy enough to work into your morning smoothie rotation. The host at Marla’s Caribbean, where Peanut Punch is featured, described it as a drink he was raised on, his kids were raised on, and now his grandkids drink in gulps before school.

Like most smoothies, peanut punch is simple to make with just a few ingredients: peanut butter, milk, and sugar all blended together either with ice or served over ice (I prefer the latter).

Smoothies not your thing? Try adding rum and a dash of bitters along with one of those adorable miniature umbrellas and pretend you’re poolside reading a book with a beverage that will make you feel irie*. 


Peanut Punch

Makes 2 servings

3 cups cold milk
½ cup peanut butter smooth
¼ cup sugar
Tiniest pinch of cinnamon
Even tinier pinch of nutmeg
2 glasses filed high with ice and garnish with a straw

In a blender mix all the ingredients until smooth and frothy. Serve immediately poured over ice.

To make a poolside cocktail, stir the blended ingredients in a pitcher filled with ice, 2 dashes bitters (try Jamaica bitters, made by Bittercube for fun) and 3 1/2 ounces strong white rum. Pour through strainer to remove ice and serve in a tall glass with fresh ice.


*Irie: the word in Jamaican Patois that means, “alright”-Wikipedia

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