Playing With Your Food

Jason and Joy share their favorite “eat-ertainment” spots

Restaurant recommendations from MnMo food critics Jason DeRusha and Joy Summers

Joy’s Picks:

We could all use a little more whimsy in this world. A sad byproduct of adulthood is that although we can (and do) sometimes eat ice cream for breakfast, we don’t make enough time to play. These places are fantastic for a long night with friends and a slew of silly games.

Can Can Wonderland: The eye can’t linger long on one detail inside the newly constructed Can Can Wonderland—there’s too much going on. The fantastical mini-golf course designed by artists, the cocktail that’s served in a clay pot with edible “dirt” (it’s delicious), and old-school pinball games all make for a wildly entertaining evening. (Hamline-Midway, St. Paul)

Betty Danger’s Country Club: It’s not everywhere that I can match my tartan to my tattoos while drinking a spiked slushie. The mini-golf course is a blast in the summer and the revolving patio (a.k.a. Ferris Wheel with dinner seating) is the best place to eat with out-of-town friends. (Northeast Minneapolis)

Jason’s Picks:

With two young sons, we’re always looking for dinner and a show—somewhere to eat and play. The trend-watchers call it “eat-ertainment,” and I’m not complaining about the fact that vintage pinball machines and arcade games are showing up everywhere.

Punch Bowl Social: Private karaoke rooms, skeeball, bocce ball, darts, eight bowling lanes, and an Italian foosball table? All that plus a casual Southern-inspired diner menu, great cocktails, and very reasonable prices at three separate bars. (Shops at West End, St. Louis Park)


photo by betsy rudicil

Up-Down: For people my age who grew up playing video games, this is the adult video arcade dream come true. No kids allowed, it’s strictly 21+ with an incredible lineup of pinball and games like Donkey Kong, Tron, and Punch Out. 60 beers on tap, mac & cheese pizza, and games cost just 25 cents. (Uptown, Minneapolis)

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