Put an Egg on It

What makes a dish more irresistible than an egg running out over the top? On last week’s episode of Moveable Feast, John and Rachel talked about good eats with an egg on top, a dining trend that shows no sign of cracking here in the Twin Cities.

Pizzeria Lola serves up the Sunnyside, a pizza with pecorino, cream, and leeks topped with two organic sunny side up eggs. At Anchor Fish & Chips in Northeast, buck tradition and go for the Helicopter Burger, with Irish cheddar, ham, and a fried egg.

For a twisted take on your, breakfast sausage and eggs, both Muddy Waters and Lake Nokomis’ Sandcastle offer hot dogs crowned with fried egg. If you’re looking for a more traditional egg-topped dish, try the ramen with poached egg at Masu or One Two Three Sushi.

Wherever your egg hunt leads you, just remember the words of the French—one egg is always an œuf.  

Listen to the full episode of Moveable Feast on Classical MPR.

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