Quiz: Guess the Real Names For the New General Mills Products

A mouthful of marketing


After a “disappointing” fiscal-year 2014 with almost $18 billion in sales, General Mills announced new food products for health-conscious eaters (grain-free, high-protein, and low-gluten) and those with more indulgent tastes (ice cream and nacho cheese). See how you score on this quiz about the Minnesota company’s flavorful marketing strategy.


Which of the following is NOT a flavor of new Häagen-Dazs Triple Sensations (available only in Europe and China, for now)?


  1. Chocolate Caramel Passion
  2. Speculoos Caramel Desire
  3. Amorous Caramel Embrace
  4. Praline Caramel Seduction


Select the actual General Mills vegetable product:


  1. It’s Just Salad
  2. Green Giant Steamers
  3. Eat Your Veggies!
  4. Garden of Eatin’


What’s the name of the first nationally available grain-free granola, produced by General Mills?


  1. Renola
  2. Gramorrah
  3. Yumyumola
  4. Grafregra


Which of the following phrases does General Mills NOT use to describe its new “globally inspired flavors”?


  1. Blasted with nacho cheese
  2. Turning up the heat in the snack aisle
  3. Flavors that will wake up the taste buds
  4. Boldness—whether you like it or not

Answers: 1-C; 2-B; 3-A; 4-D

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