Red Stag This Weekend; Patisserie 46 Anytime!

Late August already? Mercy. It has been an awfully good summer. One of the highlights that will go down in my memory book is: Every single visit to Patisserie 46.

I thought we were already a bread town without peer, what, with Rustica, Turtle Bread, Patrick’s Bakery, and Salty Tart, and then here comes Patisserie 46, lifting everything to a new, hitherto unimaginable level.

Another memory I plan to have will hopefully be made this weekend. (My penchant for creating constructions like that, by the way, is the reason I never got very far past menu-French.) This hopefully made memory: The Red Stag Block Party! And specifically the opening act, Clementown, a sort of Magnetic Fields-for-kids based right here in Minneapolis that my kids are wild, wild, wild about—and I’m wild about too. Come to think of it, I think they’re the only band my two-year-old and four-year-old and I agree on that isn’t found on Smithsonian Folkways recordings. You can listen to some Clementown on their website,—though not my favorite song, about snails who eat pudding. The Red Stag doesn’t typically sell snails, or pudding, but I have a vision of myself enjoying lobster-egg-salad sandwiches and drinking a microbrew while my tots are completely confused by seeing their favorite music come out of someone else’s mom and dad. If you’ve got a kid: See you there?

Red Stag Supperclub
509 1st Avenue NE, Mpls.