Restaurant Review: Slice Pizza

Business owners Adam Kado and Hosie Thurmond have brought what they call New York-style pizza to Minneapolis

For years, people have complained to me about the lack of solid slice shops in the Twin Cities. Well, complain no more. Black business owners Adam Kado and Hosie Thurmond are bringing what they call New York–style pizza to Minneapolis.

For $4.50 to $5, you get a fairly large slice of Slice. The dough has good flavor and is cooked in a conveyor-style oven to get the outside crispy and the inside chewy. It holds up and supports the toppings, which is important with such a large slice.

The sauce is my kind of sauce: not sweet at all, with a nice note of oregano and spice. Quick service, nice people. You can get an entire pie, as well.

No need to get too fancy here; get the cheese, get the pepperoni, and if you’re my 14-year-old son, you’ll get the Meats, with sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and sliced chicken.

Find it at Midtown Global Market and in northeast Minneapolis,