Richfield's Riveting Rations

Jason and Joy name their favorites from the southern suburb

A paper tray containing Alambres from Andale Taqueria & Mercado in Richfield, Minnesota.

photo by jpellgen – flickr

Jason: Flying below the radar, the home of Best Buy HQ and a killer 4th of July parade is adding more and more great places to eat as well.

Andale Taqueria & Mercado: Andale offers an authentic taste from south of the border along with one of the best Mexican grocery stores in town. Get the tacos al pastor, the braised goat on weekends, and the beef brisket alambres.

Aida: This former Taco Bell has been transformed into a delicious Egyptian-Mediterranean joint. The ground lamb/beef kofta burger pops with fresh parsley and lemon-garlic mayo and the flaming hot falafel will set your mouth on fire in a good way.

Joy: I’m sure my family thought I was insane to move to the Twin Cities in a rusted-out old camper to squat in a music store parking lot in Richfield. Although my favorite restaurant from that era, which served killer waffle fries and seasoned sour cream, has long closed, I still love stopping by. 

Lyn 65Lyn 65 was the first Richfield eatery to prove the city can compete with its neighbor Minneapolis in terms of forward-thinking yet comforting cuisine. It’s best to go with a few friends who are willing to share, so everyone gets a bite of the legendary burger, the fried chicken, and a sip of several of the fantastic cocktails.

Richfield Farmers Market: There are just a few weekends left in the season, but now is the best time to visit because the lines for the nearby mini-golf course have died down. Among the pumpkins and produce are some of the best Tibetan momos in the Twin Cities: wonderfully doughy, meat-stuffed dumplings served with a side of seriously spicy sauce.

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