Sausage Bread with Peanut Butter at Hell’s Kitchen

Sinfully good

An illustration of the Sausage Bread from Hell's Kitchen. A jar of peanut butter sits nearby.

illustration by michael hoeweler

Yes, there really is Italian sausage in this bread, but don’t be scared. This subterranean, red-and-black restaurant is home to the most terrifically weird and absolutely beloved bread. The late chef and founder of Hell’s Kitchen, Mitch Omer, created a snack that incorporated everything from an ideal breakfast—it’s stocked with meat, nuts, currants, Peace coffee, and a dark zing of spices—into one bite. A toasted slice spread with a thin layer of the bewitching salty-sweet housemade peanut butter is positively addictive. Good thing the restaurant sells one- and three-pound loaves online.