Savvy Mom: Crazy for Crescent Moon Pizza

When you’re a parent of picky eaters, people love to give advice on how to get your kids to eat. Of the zillion tidbits I’ve heard and tried over the years, I’ve only found one slam dunk: time. Time for me as a parent to stop being stressed about what the kids will and won’t eat, and time for the kids to grow up and develop their palates.

In the meantime, kids still have to eat, and some ideas work, so it pays to keep trying. One of the more popular recommendations is to present food in kid-friendly ways, from simple (sandwiches in cookie-cutter shapes) to complicated (my pathetic attempt at molding rice into pandas.) I’m pretty convinced that a big part of what makes my kids love the Afghani pizza from Crescent Moon is that it comes shaped like a football. Not that it’s hard to get my kids to eat pizza. They’ve never been THAT picky. But the eagerness that greets the announcement of dinner from Crescent Moon is gratifying to behold.

Would the kids love the pizza as much if we got it round, instead of football shaped? I see no reason to test this. My husband and I would be just as happy with the rounds, but what we will not forego is the spicy green sauce that comes with each pie. It’s ideal for dipping the crusts in, but it’s also delicious poured right on a slice. And if you’re lucky (or frugal) enough to have any left over, it’s terrific over eggs the next morning.

So, what makes the Crescent Moon pizza so great? Is it the pizza? The shape? The green sauce? Don’t know. Don’t care. What matters is that Crescent Moon’s pizza is one of our perfect family foods that we each can love for our own reasons.

Crescent Moon
2339 Central Ave NE
(612) 782-0169

1517 Como Ave SE
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