Savvy Mom: My Favorite Leftover

During lunch with a friend last week, the server tried to whisk my remaining French fries away. Big mistake. I held up my hand and said a firm “No!” then paused, as I realized I’d talked to him as I would to my five-year-old. (Ask nicely, I admonished myself. Just as I would to my five-year-old.) “Thank you, but can I take those home, please?” He set them down carefully and backed away slowly. Or did I imagine that?

French fries are best fresh and hot. They should be lousy as leftovers, but they’re perfect in a scramble. I reheat them in my toaster oven while I scramble some eggs, then toss the fries, eggs, and some grated cheese in a large bowl. It’s a hearty, one-dish gluten-free breakfast that even my kid who won’t eat scrambled eggs will eat. Of course, this assumes that there are any fries (or tater tots, hash browns, home fries, etc.) left over when we eat out. Which is why I order plenty, and never get chips or salad or slaw instead. Because I’m a good mom, that’s why.