Savvy Mom: Pączki Are Here!

This year, a pre-Lenten luxury came early at Sarah Jane’s Bakery in northeast Minneapolis. PÄ…czki (pronounced something like “POONCH-key”) are Polish pastries. In the past, Sarah Jane’s only offered pÄ…czki during Lent. But due to customer demand, they introduced them earlier this year.

Historically, making pÄ…czki used up sugar, eggs, lard, and fruit to prepare for Lenten fasting. They are round and filled like a bismarck or a jelly doughnut, but have a richer, more flavorful dough. Traditionally, the peach filling was flavored with schnapps. Sarah Jane’s pÄ…czki are schnapps-free, though, so fine for all ages.

When I saw the pÄ…czki announcement on Sarah Jane’s Facebook page, I convinced my boys it was time for a trip to the bakery. We got one of each flavor: custard, peach, and raspberry. The boys preferred the jellies, while I was happy to keep the custard to myself.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Sarah Jane’s to check out these seasonal lovelies. But get there early. When I went last Saturday at 9:30 a.m., they were already gone. Fortunately, I’ll have other chances to fulfill my pÄ…czki craving, given the early appearance of this springtime treat. 

Sarah Jane’s Bakery
2853 Johnson St. NE, Mpls.