Savvy Mom: Riverview Saves the Day!

My sons had the day off school last Friday, and the cooler weather kept us mostly inside for the long weekend. Cabin fever set in by Sunday and they were bouncing off the walls. (I think we were all a little tired of each other’s company.) So I checked the schedule at the Riverview Theater, which is one of my tried and true get-out-of-the house-with-the-kids options.

The Riverview is something we all love. It’s inexpensive ($2-$3!), but one of the nicer remodelled movie theaters in the Twin Cities. The stadium seating means that all seats are good ones. To top things off, it has terrific fresh popcorn, which you can get with real butter. My kids love the kid combo, which includes popcorn, candy, and a small fountain drink. And even though The Riverview is not in our neighborhood, we can count on seeing friends and neighbors there—thanks, I’m sure, to the great aforementioned combo of inexpensive tickets, nice theater, good movie choices, and great popcorn.

As usual, there were a handful of kid-friendly movies at kid-friendly times. A little less than two hours after we went in, we left happy, entertained, and sated on snacks. Everyone was in a much better mood.

Riverview had worked its magic once again! I definitely recommend it.

Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Ave., Minneapolis

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