Savvy Mom: The Sweetest Block in the Cities

Like many of my fellow Minneapolitans (Yes, that is the term. Because I said so.), I used to avoid crossing the river to our sister city of Saint Paul. But in November, something happened that set up a permanent siren call: Kopplin’s Coffee moved to a bigger space at Cleveland and Marshall. Next to family-friendly Izzy’s Ice Cream. A few doors down from Sweets bakeshop and their luscious cupcakes and adorable macarons. Near the famous kid-magnet Choo Choo Bob’s. And round the corner from Trotter’s Cafe, with its selection of local, organic fare.

This block is a haven of goodness, and one of my new favorite destinations. With the kids, I get coffee at Kopplin’s and they choose between a hot chocolate and a kiddie cone from Izzy’s. To go with my coffee (it might get lonely, you know), there are treats from Rustica Bakery, or the wee, lovely cupcakes at Sweets. Then we go to Choo Choo Bob’s, where the kids watch the train in the window while I sit on the parent bench, pull out my book and savor a belly full of warmth. Both Izzy’s and Choo Choo Bob’s are available for birthday parties, so parents could drop off the kids, then relax at Kopplin’s.

I also love to visit the block sans kids. I can sit and sip, in peace, unworried about spills or bad behavior, have breakfast or lunch at Trotter’s, then pick up a treat to take away from Sweets or Izzy’s.

Have you visited this magical block lately, or do you have another Twin Cities block to rival its awesomeness?